Data Science

A data scientist is someone who pulls together data from an array of different sources and is able to analyze that data in a way that reveals patterns helpful to the company for business development, marketing, product development, and so on. There is good pay and prospects for this emerging career path.

PAY ($90K-$250/PA)
GROWTH 19% 2016-26 (7% average for all occupations -

Network Engineer

Network Engineers develop, build and maintain a company’s computer network of local area networks, wide area networks, intranets and extranets. Networks can be very complex with many computers, devices, and machines interconnected with an array of software and data bases. A Network Engineer may be working under the leadership of the Chief Technology Officer. There is a positive outlook and growth for this job with an above-average pay.

PAY ($85K-$115/PA)

Robotics Engineer

A robotics engineer will use research to determine the exact make-up of a particular robot to address the problems it is being created to solve. Robotics engineering is an exciting career with good prospects and pay with reasonable demand likely to increase.

PAY ($60K-> $90-$100K depending on location and experience)

Working With Edge Computing

Someone who works in edge computing may be responsible for creating, maintaining and upgrading an edge computing environment and may involve the design and development of hardware and software solutions, overhauling existing network infrastructure so that there is a balance of load-shifting across a network and all the devices connected to it. So what is edge computing? Years ago devices [...]

How To Become A Robotics Engineer

What is a Robotics Engineer? A robotics engineer is a technical designer tasked with creating robotic systems in many different industries and environments. Such systems are designed to assist or replace human effort to make workplaces safer and/or more efficient. Robotic systems are also employed in homes, places of education, in warfare, search and rescue, and many other environments. A [...]

How do you become a data scientist?

Data Scientists are in demand. We talk about who they are and how to become one in the below podcast... PODCAST TRANSCRIPT   INTRODUCTION   Today I'm going to talk to you about becoming a Data Scientist, which is a title that is emerging as one of the hot job prospects in coming years. If you are someone who likes [...]

Peter Corke Interview

Interview Transcript: AoRVolume1Issue2-102-106

Employers Try Out Our Job Board!

Try The Age of Robots Job Board For Free The Age of Robots attracts many in the technology fields as we present the latest tech news in robotics, AI, biotech, and many other leading edge industries. We provide an opportunity to advertise your position at a very low cost to our very niche followers in the technology fields. As we […]

The Promise and Perils of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to have a huge impact—in fact, it already has. Now is the time to make sure it has the right impact: a positive and inclusive one.


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