Age of Robots Volume 1 Issue 1 (September-October 2017)

Age of Robots Vol 1, No. 1

Content Includes:

  • Will Robots Ever Achieve Genuine Consciousness?
  • Are We Ready To Replace Human Doctors With Robots?
  • A Futurist Examines The Future of Robots
  • 3D Printing
  • Smart Prosthetic Limbs
  • We Have A Very Small Future
  • Competitive Gaming
  • The Power of VR
  • Lets Get Airborne
  • Trusting Autonomous War Machines
  • Technology for the Aging Brain
  • Replicating Machines


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In this issue…

Will Robots Achieve Genuine Consciousness? How Will We Know?

Dr. Paul Nunez asks these questions in the light of increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence. Given that our own consciousness is mysterious, it’s challenging to think about what machine consciousness might be.

Dr. Adam Gazzaley, professor of neurology, physiology and psychiatry at the University of California, explores neuroplasticity and how we can optimize our cognitive abilities via engagement with custom-designed video games. He talks with Dr. David Van Nuys about how such technology is being used to protect and enhance the ageing brain.

Brain-computer interfaces are being used to enhance the control of prosthetic limbs and developers have made a bionic hand fitted with a camera which can instantaneously takes a picture of the object in front of it, assesses its shape and size, and triggers a series of movements in the hand.

3D printing is about to change manufacturing in a major way as researchers and industry print a diverse array of objects, from ovaries to rocket engines. We take a look at a few of the advances being made, including the printing of a replacement beak for a fortunate toucan.

Trusting Autonomous War Machines.

Do we trust the AI driving autonomous machines of war? Apparently not, but DARPA is funding research to make AI more transparent and hopefully, more trustworthy.

Science Fiction vs Science Fact.

Mark Sackler interviews William Mitchell and Alex Ellery about replicating machines – both reveal what’s possible and what’s being done right now.

It’s a small world after all. We dive into the atomic world and look at what is being achieved today in nanotechnology. The science of the very tiny is revolutionary – we are creating new materials and manipulating the physical world in a way that would have been considered science fiction just a few years ago.

The Power of VR.

Virtual reality (VR) is a tool of increasing popularity, not only in the gaming world, but in education and psychology. VR is training people in a powerful new way and helping them overcome their deepest fears.

A Futurist Examines The Future of Robots.

Dr. Peter Bishop takes a peek into the future and has us think about a number of possibilities. His challenge to us is to be open and flexible to whatever is over the horizon.

Let’s Get Airborne.

Chris Ebbert considers how small electric aircraft may change personal transport in the most uplifting way. The biggest obstacle, it seems, will not be a technical one, but one of aviation regulations.

Dr. Mark Griffiths is an expert in the area of addiction and gaming. He takes a look at competitive gaming and the nature of addiction in this rather new career path opening up for the talented gamer.

Are we ready to replace our human doctors with machines? It seems a lot of people are OK with the local family doctor being replaced with a sophisticated AI that may be faster and more accurate than it’s human counterpart.