Hello and welcome to this first episode of the Order and Chaos podcast. Today I’m going to look at AI predicting your personality by tracking your eyes, treating aggression, getting to the roots of pessimism, a bit of quantum science, Japan’s flying car plan, launching rockets from planes, cooling down antimatter and getting a degree in space mining!

Artificial intelligence can predict your personality… simply by tracking your eyes: Researchers have developed a new deep learning algorithm that can reveal your personality type, based on the Big Five personality trait model, by simply tracking eye movements.
You will find more at AgeOfRobots.net
Targeting A Brain Mechanism Could Treat Aggression: Neuroscientists have identified a brain mechanism that is linked to aggression and violent behavior, potentially forming the basis for treating aggression in several psychiatric disorders.
Getting to the Roots of Pessimism: Stimulating the brain’s caudate nucleus generates a negative outlook that clouds decision-making.
You will find more details at neuropsychotherapist.com
On the Science of Psychotherapy podcast at the moment is a great interview I, and the ever-engaging Richard Hill, had with Dr. Daniel Siegel. Dr. Siegel.
Well if you want to catch more of that interview you will find it’s on The Science of Psychotherapy podcast episode number 4.
The world’s biggest plane now has its own high-capacity rockets to launch.
And for those looking for a new career path, a report from Colorado Public Radio says you can get a degree in space mining.


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