The One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence (AI100) 2016 report has been published.


“[The AI100] is a long-term investigation of the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its influences on people, their communities, and society. It considers the science, engineering, and deployment of AI-enabled computing systems. As its core activity, the Standing Committee that oversees the One Hundred Year Study forms a Study Panel every five years to assess the current state of AI. The Study Panel reviews AI’s progress in the years following the immediately prior report, envisions the potential advances that lie ahead, and describes the technical and societal challenges and opportunities these advances raise, including in such arenas as ethics, economics, and the design of systems compatible with human cognition. The overarching purpose of the One Hundred Year Study’s periodic expert review is to provide a collected and connected set of reflections about AI and its influences as the field advances. The studies are expected to develop syntheses and assessments that provide expert-informed guidance for directions in AI research, development, and systems design, as well as programs and policies to help ensure that these systems broadly benefit individuals and society.”

The current report can be found here and you can download it as a PDF or read it online. The report is in three sections: Section 1 addresses the question of what is artificial intelligence (definition and research trends); section 2 addresses AI in 8 domains (Transport, Service Robots, Healthcare, Education, Low-resource Communities, Public Safety and Security, Employment and Workplace, and finally Entertainment); the last section consists of recommendations for public policy. Finally the report finishes with a brief history of AI.

We would encourage anyone in the neurorobotics and AI fields to read this report and stay connected to what is being hosted by Stanford University and also keep an eye on the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence and the material they produce.

The 100 Year Study of Artificial Intelligence is developing a set of measures to track the state of AI over time. Yoav Shoham, Stanford computer science professor emeritus, talks about these measures, the AI Index, and how it will give a continual developing perspective of AI in the video below…


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