Queensland based company CQSola is on the cusp of commercializing a revolutionary technology that will increase the productivity of solar farms, drastically reduce waste, increase safety and monitoring, and save untold amounts of money.

The solar power controller, a small unassuming box under each solar panel, provides the magic to this system. And for someone without a background in electrical engineering it truly does seem like magic: Collecting data off each independent panel; isolating the impact of faulty panels or ones in shade from the rest of the output; maximize the efficiency of each panel; and a whole gamut of safety features.

We wanted to know more and so sat down with Ian and Tony Schirmer in the interview below to understand exactly what this new technology was all about and how it is going to change the solar industry.

Like to know more? We’ve done a deep dive interview with CQSola for our patrons who are supporting us in our independent journalism.

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