Dahlitz Media actively solicits original articles related to artificial Intelligence, neuroscience, robotics, psychology and society (as they relate to technology) for it’s Neurorobotics platform and Age of Robots magazine. We welcome authors who are experts in specific fields as well as general science journalism.

Our articles for Age of Robots are written for a general audience and articles for Neurorobotics are orientated toward professionals in the industries covered (but still of a general nature, albeit a bit more technical). Articles must be temporally relevant and well-researched by citing peer-reviewed publications and other primary sources. As digital publications we do not impose word-count limits for our articles but we do suggest columns, reviews, and blogs are no longer than 2,000 words and feature articles are between 2,000 to 6,000 words (3,000 words being optimal).

Submission Requirements

  • You assert that your work is original and free from copyright infringement;
  • The work should be related to one of the topics covered by either the Neuroroboics or Age of Robots magazines;
  • Magazine articles are to be submitted as Word documents with APA style in-text citations, and blog submissions are submitted as drafts once we have given you an Author role on our site;
  • You agree to, and sign, our publishing agreement .

Sign Up as an Author or Blogger

    • Contact Us — Send us a message letting us know about yourself and requesting an Author role as a blogger on our site. We will talk with you about the areas you would like to write and a bit more about yourself and your areas of expertise.

Blog Submissions

If you are submitting a blog and it is ready for publication, select Submit for Review. One of our editors will shortly review, edit, format, and publish your article. You will then see the status change to Scheduled. If your article is time-sensitive, then let us know and we will deal with it accordingly.


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